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by Young Apollo

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released March 7, 2015


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Young Apollo Salt Lake City, Utah

Young Apollo,
Salt Lake City Utah

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Track Name: Lose Yourself
Wake up with cold sweats in a bed that’s made of shame. I’ve got my regrets and my dreams are what’s at stake. Well I try to make it all pretend, I just wanted to forget. Well I toss and turn to go to bed, but my thoughts keep creepin in. What’s it feel like to lose control well I don’t think I’d come back I don’t think I’d come back. I try to run, but there’s nowhere to go I know I don’t want to turn back I don’t want to turn back. What’s it feel like to lose control well I don’t think I’d come back I don’t think I’d come back. I try to run, but there’s nowhere to go I know I don’t want to turn back I don’t want to turn back. Think about it they said so I thought twice, is this the right road to take. I was the life of the party drink after drink right, but my dreams were at stake. My palms start to sweat, my breathing is sped., what put this fear into my chest.
Track Name: The Lost And Found
I’ve been wondering how to get rid of self-doubt, and I’ve been trying so hard to figure me out. I get so trapped in my mind, and I step out of line. To escape from the stress is a test that I just can’t pass, no I just keep flunking it. No I’ve never been too bad at math, I just can’t seem to find the equation to solve my situations. And it seems that everybody’s got their own tricks, their own drumsticks they make their own beats and the world seems to follow it. An all I’ve got is some riffs and some rhymes with a long list of lost times. If you get, get it. Get it, let me hear you say yeah. If you get, get it. Get it, let me hear you say yeah. Well I’ve been shot down, been kicked around I’ve been locked up as collateral in the lost and found. Waiting to be claimed, no one to blame, full of shame like a lion that has been forcefully tamed. For those of you on the outside looking in, I built my walls so thick that the wind it doesn’t even blow in. If this sounds like you and you really want to join in.
Track Name: Rust
Were a fashionable world filled with rejects, we’ve got our own character defects. Said don’t you worry about yours because they look just fine next to mine. Behind closet doors we keep secrets, and God knows I don’t want to keep it. Can’t hide anymore, let the rust shine, and the beat drops (Chorus OH’s). At the bottom of a bottle is where I spent most of my days, the bar was my playground it’s where I would stay, it hit me young and it took me for a spin downhill. It was fun for a while, then I got the real taste, Two DUI’s and a kick to the face. Everybody’s got problems and until you learn how to solve them quick fixes don’t really fix a thing. (Chorus OH’s) got a closet full of secrets, god knows I don’t want to keep it, being perfect is not what I’m about let the world see me from the inside out. Get it, got it, good, I hope that you understood I’m moving on, so listen up. To all those kids that don’t stop, don’t hesitate to take that next pill or drink that next drink I dare you to lose your band aid, go ahead start to make your own fate. It’s not the chemicals that make you cleaver or the clothes on your back that make you better, it’s about being you and only you go ahead and let the rust shine through.
Track Name: Weather Or Not
I’m thirsty for change, Hungry for truth, getting sick of the lies being fed to you. And we all know life could taste a little bit sweater if you pick the better season and go digging for compliments spread across my bread like condiments. If I was vegetarian then meat would be my common sense. We all know life could be a little bit better depending on the weather. Whoa depending on the weather or not. Whoa depending on the weather or not, Whoa depending on the weather or not, Whoa depending on the weather. This track and filled that we play this game that’s built by our brains it’s kind of hard to keep a steady pace when there’s no race. And we all know life can get a little bit hectic when you step inside the septic tank. At the edge of a rut tighten a few bolts and a nut, carry on with the simple ways you live your day. And we all know life could be a little bit better depending on the weather.
Track Name: Ignorance
Ignorance is biting my tongue and the words just won’t come out. From the way I see it I’m always wrong and I eventually implode with doubt. So I fight, yeah fight, but do I know what’s worth fighting for. Will I change anything, but the clothes I wear will my feet ever reach the shore. I know everything and I don’t listen, set out with a mind that’s lost its vision. Despite what they say the clouds might be grey so I packed my shades for a rainy day. Got a hole in my heart I think that something’s missing, fill it up with toxins from the doctor’s kitchen. For all I know my patience doesn’t show, I’m out front cutting the grass even though its covered in snow.
Track Name: Your Just A Sound Track
In a room filled with smoke, everybody’s laughing at me, but I aint told no joke. At this point in time I wish that I could simply rewind, take a step back and see what I’m wearing. Is it worth caring apparently so judging by the faces and the laughter as it grows. If only the world could see that you’re not offending me. Oh you’re just a soundtrack to my playlist, Oh there’s just no need for confrontation and clinched fists. You build me up when you break me down, shock them all when the words come around, Oh your just a soundtrack to my playlist. Let me introduce myself some call me the comeback kid cause I came back, stronger than I ever was, stronger then I was back then and I’m not afraid to repeat it again. I’ve made my mistakes, had my heartbreaks and I’m sure I haven’t seen the end. So I’ll just carry on singin simple songs so you can sing along
Track Name: Deceit
Oh you can fall you can fall all you want, but I’d be there to set you back on your feet, you could stumble over everything that you meet, but I’d be there to catch you if you let me. And Oh you can look you can look all you want, but you find nothing if you’re not looking at all. Your hearts an empty vessel let me fill it and remove the deceit. (Chorus Nahs) I’ve got a few problems in line, I’ve got a few answers to find, the world don’t want to receive it, I guess they’re just not ready to believe it. I’ve got a few mountains to climb, I’ve got a few seas to divide, don’t want to be a slave I’m destine for change so I found some strength and brought it back from the grave. (Chorus Nahs) if you want what I got then baby step up front if you’re afraid of the world then let me you’re your cup
Track Name: Monday Therapy
It was Monday therapy, with my therapist who knows just about everything, I said what am I feeling he said tell me the details and don’t leave out anything. So my story started to unfold and I spoke a little bit about the world id been running from. Like a tidal wave of detail or a joke for anyone that really loves a bad one, I’ve got some problems can I pay you to solve them. I got some problems can I pay you to solve them, but then I told him about you. And he said you fell in love and you know it cause your heart beats harder for something or someone. Or someone. My heart is yours if you hold it lets get caught up in the moment with ya someone. Someone. When she bite her lip I get weak, when she stares at me I can’t speak, everything about this girl makes me feel complete. So doctor doctor is there a pill I can take to reduce the risk of heart break. I said name your price and I’ll pay it twice.
Track Name: Test The Waters
Been mobbing around this God Forsaken Town, with a maxed out credit card and a few shots of whisky down. I guess that no one really likes to be by their self, and my last relationship finally put me on the shelf. Well I aint no Steve Miller I’m not no Gangster of love. And I’m not your Hue Heffner because one women is enough. I knew that I’d find someone in due time, but then you came around like the words to my rhymes. Maybe the timings not quite right, will test the waters just for the night. Wait right here stay for just a moment, jump right in take a breath and hold it. I said wait right here stay for just a moment let’s take a swim the waters warm and open, we should jump right in, jump, jump, right in. Jump right in, jump, jump right in. maybe the holes we dig won’t be the graves that we fit into. And the streets we take will lead us to someone new. Well you get what your after make it something you’re after, a different pint in time to replace your tears with laughter. Maybe the timings always right, were born to question things at times.

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